PARADISONE ~ Colle degli Angeli

​​The wines of Colle degli Angeli were first crafted for sharing with family and friends.  They are meant to be enjoyed in the spirit of companionship and conviviality, and express years of passionate research and hard work – pages in the story of the house of Locati, doors that open onto a dream of two decades.
The shared enjoyment of wine is part of living life as fully as possible.  It magically captures time, present, past and future; for as we wrote elsewhere, tasting magnifies present sensations, compares them to those of previous tastings, and imagines the wine’s future development.  Our past plays a major role in the art of fine wine: the heritage of tradition and terroir, essential in creating wines that speak for a given territory; and our own past, the values and ideals of youth, the pleasures of childhood with their sensory intensity…  The joys of tasting are not only physical but spiritual: the closeness to nature we feel when making or tasting wine allows us to reach total well-being and harmony.

Who We Are
About Us

Bonnie is a farm girl from Saskatchewan who lived south of Saskatoon until moving to Alberta with her career. Her husband Wayne is a city boy from Montreal who moved West in 1980.  He is currently working in the Oil & Gas Industry in Alberta. We married in 2010, live in outside Calgary on an acreage and now have a beautiful blended family of 4 daughters, 2 sons, 3 grandchildren. The farm tradition lives on in our household.  There is always a warm cup of coffee or a beautiful glass of wine for our friends and neighbors who stop in from Alberta or Saskatchewan!!